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Linking Clean Energy and Clean Mobility via Resilient Microgrids

In this new white paper featuring AlphaStruxure and Schneider Electric, Guidehouse describes how microgrids and EVs are poised for exponential growth. The white paper includes a case study of AlphaStruxure's Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot, an innovative Energy as a Service project that provides a national model to deliver microgrids wrapped around EV charging stations, enabling the transition to zero-emission fleets with no upfront capital costs for the end user.

Introducing the Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot

AlphaStruxure is deploying a first-of-its-kind integrated Fleet Electrification infrastructure project to support Montgomery County, Maryland’s growing municipal electric bus fleet. Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot integrates solar photovoltaic canopies, onsite generation, battery energy storage, microgrid controls, and electric bus chargers. The project will help enable Ride On Montgomery County's municipal bus fleet to transition from fossil to electric, reducing emissions in alignment with the County's goal of carbon neutrality by 2035, while ensuring resilient fleet operations during power outages.

Overcoming Three Big Barriers to Fleet Electrification through EaaS Microgrids

Vehicle fleets transitioning from fossil fuel to zero-emission alternatives face technology complexity, energy constraints, and high upfront costs. Learn more about how AlphaStruxure is enabling zero-emission fleets with integrated fleet infrastructure.

Cost-Effectively Transitioning Fleets to EVs without Disrupting Operations

As fleets purchase more electric vehicles, the most important factor for fleet managers is that the transition to EVs cannot disrupt current operations. This recent report and article series from Rocky Mountain Institute describes how AlphaStruxure's Energy as a Service approach provides a seamless and cost-effective transition from gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles to a fully electrified fleet.

How Microgrids for Data Centers Increase Resilience, Optimize Costs, and Improve Sustainability

In this white paper from Schneider Electric, learn how the newest microgrid technology can help colocation and service provider data centers further enhance uptime, reduce energy spend, and minimize carbon footprint.

Funding Carbon Neutrality in the New Normal

Day-to-day challenges of running a responsible and profitable business have grown considerably. Prioritizing capital projects can be tough when budget is tight and the future remains uncertain. In this webinar, our experts from AlphaStruxure and Schneider Electric describe how alternative funding models such as Energy as a Service and power purchase agreements can advance decarbonization alongside other business priorities.

Microgrids: A Powerful Modern Tool for Wildfire Management

There’s a better way to manage wildfire risk than utility shutdowns and diesel generators. Microgrids are the energy solution, and an 'Energy as a Service' approach brings capital, speed and scale. Learn more in this new Greentech Media piece.

Energy-as-a-Service Explained: A Conversation with AlphaStruxure

In this new video, AlphaStruxure CTO Steve Pullins and Schneider Electric SVP James Potach explore the dynamics of Energy as a Service (EaaS) and discuss how it can be applied as a strategic lever to fuel a resilient and green recovery.

America’s Infrastructure at a Crossroads: The Importance of Public Private Partnerships

On a recent infrastructure 'report card,' the U.S. scored a measly D+ with more than $4.5 trillion required for infrastructure by 2025. AlphaStruxure's Jason Dodier discusses a vital solution: the public-private partnership.

Navigating Dual Disasters: What are the Next Steps for California as it Emerges Out of Covid-19 and into Wildfire Season?

In this on-demand webinar, AlphaStruxure CEO Juan Macias discusses the steps necessary for California to stay the course in capturing the resilient and clean energy opportunity presented by Energy as a Service microgrids as the state navigates the dual disasters of Covid-19 and the impending wildfire season.

Energy-as-a-Service Microgrids: the Next Logical Step for California

California often serves as a bellwether, and now it’s ringing an alarm about a new electric grid vulnerability. As other states brace for the impact of climate change, they watch California’s wildfires and power shutoffs and wonder what’s in store for them. A new special report from AlphaStruxure and Microgrid Knowledge explores energy-as-a-service microgrids as a solution.

7 companies making their mark with commercial microgrids

When the Carlyle Group and Schneider Electric announced their plan to create AlphaStruxure in April, the industry took note. It is not every day that one of the world’s largest private equity companies and a leading energy management and automation company join forces to seek out opportunities in the microgrid market.

Financial Decision-Makers Guide to Energy-as-a-Service Microgrids

If you’re an executive who makes energy decisions, chances are you’re hearing about microgrids and energy-as-a-service with increasing frequency — and for good reason. New technology and business models present energy customers with a reinvented microgrid, one easier to access and afford. Read on to understand how EaaS provides the benefits of a microgrid without risk or capital outlay.

Clearing up 2 microgrid misconceptions

Microgrids are a practical, proven solution to grid outages. So why haven’t critical facility owners scrambled to build them? The answer lies in two misconceptions, which Schneider Electric US Country President Aamir Paul clears up in this post.

EcoStruxure Microgrids: Reliable Energy & Power Distribution | Schneider Electric

EcoStruxure Microgrids are a group of interconnected loads, solar energy, and battery storage with the ability to operate off the grid. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Microgrids.

Schneider Electric, Carlyle Group Announce New Global Joint Venture

Schneider Electric and the Carlyle Group announce a new global joint venture, designed to develop new and innovative infrastructure projects around the world. Carlyle Group's Andrew Marino and Schneider Electric's Chief Innovation Officer Emmanuel Lagarrigue spoke to Bloomberg's David Westin to the discuss the new partnership. (Source: Bloomberg).

Carlyle Group, Schneider Electric form AlphaStruxure to Ramp Smart Infrastructure Deployments

The two companies are partnering already on infrastructure projects such as JFK Airport Terminal One Redevelopment and Lone Star Ports Harbor Island Crude Export Terminal.

AlphaStruxure: Redefining Infrastructure Projects | Schneider Electric

Introduction to AlphaStruxure- the partnership between The Carlyle Group and Schneider Electric that ensures large infrastructure projects like airports and seaports are more reliable and sustainable for the communities they live in.