Microgrids with proven performance

Discover how the AlphaStruxure Integrate™ Digital Platform delivers data-driven insights for optimized and reliable microgrid performance.

Optimizing microgrid operations

24/7 microgrid monitoring

Cyber and operational security

The digital backbone of Energy as a Service

Optimizing microgrid operations

The goal of any microgrid is to optimize the use of distributed energy resources (DER) at every stage of its lifecycle — from design to operations — based on proven, tangible performance indicators such as:

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Microgrid electricity, hot water, and chill water production

Microgrid uptime / the load served by the microgrid over the total load of the site

Site greenhouse gases reduced by the microgrid

Annual or long-term costs under the energy services agreement to date (e.g., through year 10)

Achieve long-term outcomes

The AlphaStruxure Integrate Digital Platform allows organizations to finetune the microgrid system for the site’s specific desired outcomes across the project’s lifecycle, resulting in the following benefits:

Energy cost certainty & optimization

Enhanced resilience & reliability

Accelerated emissions reductions

Real-time visibility for optimal performance

The AlphaStruxure Integrate™ Digital Platform provides real-time visibility of a microgrid’s performance to all energy stakeholders at any time, allowing for optimal performance throughout the microgrid’s lifecycle.

1. Fleet and site view

2. Live and key performance insights

3. Sustainability, resilience, reliability and cost-stability impact

4. Contract, metering, billing management

5. Customer support alerts and events

6. Assets and OEM management

7. Energy and power management

8. Compliance management and reporting

24/7 microgrid monitoring and management

The Integrate Digital Platform automates each microgrid site so it can be managed with oversight from the 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). The on-site microgrid controls provide automated control to assure performance and visibility of real-time alerts, alarms, and trends, allowing the NOC Operator to correct performance or proactively make adjustments prior to an event.

For example, on loss of the utility grid (almost always unannounced), the microgrid controls recognize this loss in milliseconds and take the microgrid to island mode operation to preserve the energy supply to the site loads from the on-site energy resources. The NOC Operator oversees this transition to island mode and can correct or optimize operations given any unusual condition observed. All this is observable by the customer through the dashboards.

Cyber and operational security for peace of mind

Cyber-by-design, the AlphaStruxure Integrate™ Digital Platform is built on industry cyber standards (primarily NIST 800-53 and IEC 62443). It safeguards operational security and cyber security via multifactor authentication, strict role-based access control, and other design features, allowing stakeholders to see operational data but not control the system. In addition, AlphaStruxure continuously monitors for anomalies and routinely tests for system vulnerabilities.

Cyber threat prevention

Threat defense

Threat response management

Integrate Cloud

Services & Forecasting

The digital backbone of the Energy as a Service business model

The Integrate™ digital platform enables the AlphaStruxure Energy as a Service (EaaS) business model to deliver long-term outcomes on cost predictability, energy resilience and reliability, and greenhouse gas reduction based on key metrics. This EaaS model…

Is an innovative risk-transfer solution for deploying on-site energy infrastructure such as a microgrid without any upfront capital investment from the customer.

Allows organizations to avoid the burden of designing, financing, owning, installing, and managing energy infrastructure.

Enables organizations to achieve long-term outcomes on resilience, reliability, greenhouse gas reduction, and cost stability — without the complexity.

Bringing the value of the IoT to microgrids

By integrating with the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ architecture, AVEVA Unified Operations, and Dynamics365 Enterprise Resource Planning, the AlphaStruxure Integrate™ Digital Platform connects best-in-class operational technology (OT) solutions with the latest in information technology (IT) to unleash the value of operational data and the Internet of Things.

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