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Life Sciences

Responsible for protecting and improving human health, the Life Sciences industry must be prepared for anything — from large-scale research and manufacturing efforts to rapid production pivots. But more than a quarter of emissions stem from the U.S. health care system, and organizations are looking to increase reliability and resilience while reducing greenhouse gas emissions to realize a more sustainable future.1
1Health Affairs
Energy and Life Science

The Opportunity

Cutting-edge technology puts energy reliability and resilience within reach, which is critical in this energy intensive and sensitive industry where uninterrupted service is required 24/7. Forced into the spotlight by COVID-19, life sciences organizations are making meaningful climate commitments and stabilizing long-term energy costs while achieving resilient, zero-carbon energy.

The Challenge

Reliable power is essential to human health, but the industry faces volatile electricity prices and an unpredictable energy supply. Organizations must look for new ways to lock in long-term energy resilience, price stability, and greenhouse gas reductions, without waiting for the grid to catch up.

The life sciences energy transformation is important in considering the following:

currently being spent
on energy consumption every year.
of global health sector emissions are from the U.S.
the highest proportion attributable to any individual country’s health sector. 2
of the 280 leading companies supporting the Climate Group’s RE100
are from the biotech, pharmaceutical and health care industries. 1
more emissions
than the automotive industry. 1
  1. Journal of Cleaner Production
  2. The New England Journal of Medicine
  3. Deloitte

The Solution

With a turnkey Energy as a Service (EaaS) approach that addresses both electric and thermal loads of Life Sciences organizations via microgrids, AlphaStruxure provides a comprehensive solution to mitigate risk and eliminate capital outlay.

It’s our job to uniquely help you achieve your most ambitious long-term outcomes and advance your energy transformation in a way that’s simple, accelerated, comprehensive, and cost-stable.

We design bespoke on-site energy solutions for industrial clients to decarbonize rapidly and achieve operational resilience and energy reliability.

Who we help

Pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and biotech firms

looking to realize significant emissions reductions by decarbonizing their manufacturing facilities while achieving energy reliability and resilience.
AlphaStruxure supports Life Sciences

How We Help

Partnering with EaaS experts means benefiting from…

Realized outcomes

Resilience, reliability, greenhouse gas reduction, and cost-stability


Transferred risk of designing, financing, owning, installing, and managing the energy infrastructure

Reduced complexity

No up-front capital or energy infrastructure expertise needed

Long-term partnership

Energy infrastructure expertly designed, built, owned, operated, and maintained for you

Price stability

Fixed pricing and protection from energy cost volatility

Here’s what only AlphaStruxure can offer you

An easier, more comprehensive transition

We design, build, own, and operate your comprehensive on-site energy infrastructure at no upfront cost to your business, making your transition as simple and attainable as possible.
Life sciences made easy through energy

Bespoke solutions to meet your ever-changing needs

We deliver tailored, techno-economic, net-zero carbon solutions that achieve your energy, carbon, and sustainability vision.

Expert partners accountable for your long-term success

Your focus isn’t on developing microgrids, but ours is. We’ve built, financed, and operated more than 350 microgrids for manufacturing facilities transitioning to net zero energy consumption and carbon emissions. It is built into our business model that we see them succeed.
Digital integration by AlphaStruxure

Case Studies

See the AlphaStruxure difference

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Airports of the Future: Decarbonizing the U.S.’ Most Critical Infrastructure

Deploying microgrids is a key resilience objective for the DoD. Existing EUL and PPA procurement authorities for microgrids can be combined into an Energy as a Service procurement model. The EaaS model draws from the EUL’s authority to execute land leases for the siting of energy infrastructure (microgrids) on DoD installations. It also draws from the PPA’s authority that enables a energy developer to contract with a DoD agency by selling energy in exchange for its services in financing, designing, building, owning, operating, and maintaining energy infrastructure. 
General ASX Microgrid Rendering

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No two energy transformation journeys are the same. Achieving unique business goals means creating and implementing a tailored action plan specific to your industry and individual targets.

energy service in mining

Helping energy-intensive facilities and supply chains to decarbonize rapidly and expand capacity, without waiting for the grid to catch up

Accelerating decarbonization and the electrified transportation transition for medium to heavy-duty fleets and other transit services

Achieving meaningful climate goals across mining, cement, metals, and glass, among others

Stabilizing long-term energy costs while achieving resilient, zero-carbon energy across pharma, biotech, medical devices, and hospitals

Generating fewer greenhouse gas emissions in the face of a growing global food demand in the snacks, dairy, meat, and beverage industries, and beyond

Creating positive and sustainable visitor experiences by reducing greenhouse gas emissions across energy-intensive entertainment facilities

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