AlphaStruxure’s energy solutions provide commercial, industrial, government and infrastructure clients with savings, sustainability and resilience
at no upfront cost.

Integrating Energy & Financial Solutions

We deliver an integrated energy and financial solution custom-tailored to our
clients’ needs, enabled by Schneider Electric’s #1 ranked microgrid technology
and capital investment from The Carlyle Group.

Commercial & Industrial

Making energy and sustainability a competitive advantage

Businesses are facing escalating energy costs, worsening power outages, and a growing imperative to enhance sustainability. AlphaStruxure is transforming energy and sustainability into a strategic advantage for our clients through tailored decentralized energy solutions – delivering the benefits of microgrids without the upfront cost, complexity or risk.

Electric Vehicle Fleets

Accelerating the transition to zero-emission transportation

Public and private fleets – from transit buses to last-mile delivery – are embracing electrification. However, EV fleets require extensive new infrastructure and capabilities. With a turnkey Electrification as a Service approach that brings together advanced microgrids, optimized charging infrastructure, and even vehicle financing, AlphaStruxure provides a comprehensive fleet solution that mitigates risk and eliminates client capital outlay.

Data Centers

Delivering resilience and reliability in mission-critical environments

Data centers face increasing energy costs, demands for greater sustainability, evolving uptime requirements, aging infrastructure, and competing capital needs. AlphaStruxure’s Energy & Infrastructure as a Service approach delivers the benefits of sustainable, reliable, resilient and cost-effective onsite generation as well as electrical and mechanical infrastructure refreshes with no upfront cost.

Infrastructure Projects

Enabling the next generation of critical infrastructure

AlphaStruxure's microgrid projects are enabling complex infrastructure projects like airports to meet the most stringent renewable energy standards while also enabling resilient operations in the face of increasingly severe weather. Energy as a Service delivers solutions fit for the next generation; sustainable, resilient and digital.