Are Airports Ready for the Energy Transition?

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Change is in the Air: Are North American Airports Ready for the Energy Transition?

Business as usual is departing. The energy transition is arriving. Airports across the continent are on a new journey, and there’s likely going to be some turbulence

  • Are airports ready for a shakier grid? 
  • How are airport executives planning for unprecedented electrical load growth? 
  • What are their top decarbonization strategies?

This report surveyed and interviewed airport executives across the continent on thorny questions around rental car fleet electrification, the cost of downtime, and much more. And the results are quite interesting. 

We’ve got pretty much a perfect storm of energy coming at us … Long story short: the 2019 energy plan is already outdated!”

Key Findings:

The Mysterious Cost of Downtime

  • 85% reported at least one outage per year  
  • 8% knew the cost of the outage 
  • 38% reported inadequate back-up power in required areas 

Electricity Demand Outpacing Supply

  • 100% were anticipating a large terminal expansion that will drive up energy use 
  • 38% had a sense of how much electricity they would need to accommodate growth  
  • 15% were very confident they could keep pace with growing demand  

Rise of Decarbonization & Electrification

  • 62% were electrifying airport fleets (both air- and land-side)  
  • 69% are adding solar  
  • 92% have clean energy goals  

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