Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR)

Integrated Energy Data Resource

The state of New York released an order to implement an Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR) that will create aa central, independent platform for access to customer and system data, opening the doors for a more democratized approach to distributed energy resource development to benefit energy customers and electric grid alike.

Recipe: Behind-the-Meter Energy Infrastructure

While a behind-the-meter on-site energy solution is not cookie-cutter, there is a fairly common “recipe” for success. The ingredients are generally the same every time, but the portions may be larger or smaller to fit the overall goal of the recipe which is to build something that delivers on the customer’s needs.

Realities of Long-term Costs and Output for Renewables and Non-Renewables

Renewable Energy

“Expecting a single technology solution to solve all energy issues is unaware of the realities that rest with the thousands of different applications of energy use in commercial and industrial businesses. The true objective is not to reduce greenhouse gases alone. It is to reduce GHG, improve business resilience, make power more reliable for digital business needs, and bring cost certainty to the customer, together.